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The sun is the main cause of a straw-like mane. Most people don't realize that UV rays are bad for both skin and hair. They lift and open the cuticle, the protective outer layer of hair, allowing the moisture inside to seep out. Salt water and chlorine are also to blame. Both are very drying, especially to hair that is color treated or chemically processed.


Prevention: Use products with UV protection. Rethink your sudsing routine too. Avoid shampoos with sulfates. These harsh detergents can strip hairs natural moisture, making it prone to the drying effects of the sun. Opt for sulfate free shampoos. All Creations Salon and Blow Dry Bar products are sulfate free. Ask one of our talented stylists to recommend one that works best for your hair type.




Sleep on a satin pillow

As weird as this may sound, sleeping on a satin pillow case can help keep your hair in good condition. Friction is your hair's enemy and satinated fabrics minimize friction, causing less breakage.


Prepare your hair for the next color process

Use a clarifying shampoo the day before your next color treatment at the hair salon. This will strip your hair of any oils that could block your color from penetrating the cuticle at a deeper level. Better yet, book a professional malibu treatment which removes all sorts of buildup before your next color appointment. You will not be disappointed.


Polished and Shiny

Once you style your hair, add a little extra serum or hair oil to give yourself that enviable shine. Not only will this help hydrate your hair and keep your style looking polished, but it will also help prevent frizz while you're out and about.


Use the Right Products

Using the correct salon quality products and tools will make it easier for you to create the most exciting salon quality blowout possible. Stop in Creations Salon and Blow Dry Bar with your products, brushes and hot tools and have one of our talented stylists ensure they are right for your hair type and the look you are trying to achieve. There is no charge for this consultation!


Layering Products - It's OK

It is OK to use more than one product on your hair depending on your needs. For example, someone with fine hair will need a product to provide volume and if it is a humid day, something to tame the frizz. Don't be afraid to mix a few products together. Talk to one of our talented stylists about that products are best for your hair and how to apply them (there is a technique)


Don't forget the Ends!

A lot of people forget to smooth the ends into the blow dry that can lead to frizzing later on. It is essential to smooth/curl the ends for a perfect finish. Take a few extra minutes and you will not be disappointed.





L'ANZA Healing Color Care Trauma Treatment


A must have for end of summer hair


This versatile formula can be used as a leave-in or rinse-out treatment. Use as a daily or weekly conditioner. Flower Shield Complex and sunscreens protect color-treated hair. Over-processing and damage depletes hair of nutrients which causes fading. Trauma treatment replaces essential nutrients, improving color results and longevity.





When hair is damaged, color molecules from the dye start to slip out, altering the tone. Also, chlorine leaves a greenish cast that is especially noticeable on blonds. A quick fix for this is a clarifying treatment and a glaze. A clarifying shampoo can remove mineral buildup from your hair that you may have gotten from the pool, leaving it dull. A Glaze is a must have to help extend your salon quality color! A glazing treatment forms a semi-permanent clear layer over each hair shaft that helps prevent your permanent color from fading. Just as a top coat keeps a manicure looking beautiful longer and protects your polish. Glazing helps keep your salon color looking shiny and fresh. A glaze will replace the color molecules that slipped out due to the suns damaging rays and correct brassy faded tones that often appear during the dog days of summer.




Malibu MakeOver - Crystal Gel and Miracle Repair Treatment


Malibu Crystal Gel removes the harsh chemicals and minerals left on your hair from swimming pools, lakes and the ocean. It also will remove any buildup left by medications that you may be taking. After removing the buildup with the Malibu Crystal Gel treatment, the Creations Salon and Blow Dry Bar will treat you to a complimentary conditioning Miracle Repair treatement to restore strength and shine.


Special Price $55.00




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