Men's Haircuts for $25.00*


(*first time clients only)

For the month of February, Men's Haircuts for New Clients are $25.00. Please pass this along to all the men in your life or better yet, stop in and get a gift certificate for them. What a great Valentine's Day gift for those special men in your life. We also offer online gift certificates at: Creations828.com




The Importance of Coloring Eyebrows


EyeBrow Popping


Eyebrows frame your eyes. Brows get lighter and thinner as we age. Face creams and dark spot lightening creams also lighten the hair of the brows. When using skin creams, be sure to avoid your eyebrow area. Coloring your brows a slightly darker shade than your hair will make your eyes "pop". Think of it as a picture frame and your eyes are the picture.




Hair technology is changing and with change, brings improvements. Remember when we used to pull hair through the cap with holes in it for highlights? Now we use a technique called Balayage which is much less damaging to the hair and produces a more natural result. The same holds true with running your root color through the ends. It is no longer recommended to run your root color through your ends. Today’s improving trend is to apply a glaze to your hair shaft and ends while or after getting it colored or highlighted. Glazes are a hair-friendly refresher, adding a translucent blush of color to your current color and giving it greater dimension and shine. Glazes also extend your salon color as they protect your hair. A glazing treatment forms a semi-permanent clear layer over each hair shaft that helps prevent your permanent color from fading. Just as a top coat keeps a manicure looking beautiful longer and protects your polish. Glazing helps keep your salon color looking shiny and fresh.


The Right Way to Use Heat Styling Tools Without Destroying Your Hair


Choose heat tools with options.


Be sure the hot tool you use has a temperature setting. If you can get it done with lower heat, there’s no need to crank it up. Too high of a heat setting not only damages the hair but can also lighten your haircolor just as washing and drying clothes in hot water or high heat causes fading.


Use protection.


You should always apply a heat protecting spray to your hair whenever using a curling iron or flat iron. We recommend Living Proof Instant Protection. Always make sure your hair is completely dry when using a heating tool to avoid singeing hair. Heating tools may leave hair feeling dry after use, so apply a light oil to your hair after styling to moisturize and seal any split ends. We recommend Living Proof Nourishing Oil.


Maintain focus.


When blowdrying hair, take a section and blow dry as you move hair through a round brush for precisely two minutes. Always keep the dryer moving. You can always go back to a section if it’s still damp, but it’s better to give it a chance to cool off instead of applying too much heat to one section and risking burning your hair. After a section is completely dry, give it a cool blast from the dryer to seal the hair’s cuticle for increased shine.


Living Proof




Perfect hair Day™

Triple Detox Shampoo


Body and Bounce


A non-stripping, color safe shampoo that gently removes buildup from the three big causes: product, pollution and hard water.


• Reveals soft, shiny, manageable hair and a fresh, clean, revitalized scalp


• Cleanses the hair and nourishes the scalp without stripping or drying


• Customize usage depending on the degree of your hard water or product/oil buildup.


• Ideal for all hair types.


• It is a game changer! We promise. Ask for a complimentary sample at your next visit.




As a reminder, the Creations Salon and Blow Dry Bar staff is here as early as 8:00am and as late as 8:00pm on Wednesday and Thursday evenings to accommodate your busy schedule. To schedule your next appointment, feel free to call the salon at 203-329-9484 or book online now at Creations828.com

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